oreo30's diary

Hi am oreo!!! I love you guys xDD

All True

The rumors going around is true. Hatena is going to shut down on may 31st. I guess it offical hatena completely ruin many friendship and lives.I think it really dumb that there doing this to us, i think it all for money. They don't give a freak about us. Dude am just so upset i actually cried because i care about this website so much. Many of my friends on hatena are also depressed,some people find it shocking. I just hate that there nothing we can do but fight. there a petiotion going around to stop hatena. So please sign it. it would mean so much if you do sign it.


Go to that website and sign up to save hatena. Already people from across the world has sign it. Will you be one of them? I really hope so we have many supporters but it still not enough so please help with this petition and this website. I thank you all and god bless your hearts:) <3


Im not quittting i just want all of you guys to know that:) come on i just started yesterday am not going to quit:)Well there a rumor going around saying that flipnotehatena going to end in may.Do you guy really belive it.i honestly dont because people say alot of thing are going to end like the world and stuff but look it were still here arn't we? So ya i dont exatly belive it but well wait and see. A bunch of people are all ready saying good-bye which is really sad.I want people to stay longer no matter what. i want them to stay untill the end. Also the rumor say flipnotehatena going to end and that it going to make something new called "friknote" i think that what it called but it very crazy. and it only going to happen for 3DS.I think that mess up a morjority of people are on dsi!! It the only reason i even use my dsi is because of flipnote studio and flipnote hatena. i'm just mad about this whole situation. Hope there will be some light on this dark hole soon.

bye -oreo

First time

Hello,my name oreo i recently started hatena blog so am getting use to it. Please let their be someone to help me out there. Am very confued =.=,im not sure if you guys are aware of  flipnotehatena. It very awsum am also known as oreo on my flipnote account and my id is oreo30.So if you want to look me up go a head if you want. i also have a channel called oreo channel so that a way you can find me too. Well here some information about me. my name Ariel am in 8th grade and i live in texas:)) Also am 13 and my birthday on april 30 and i am a twin:) I like abunch of shows...ESPECIALLY SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANT!!! lol am such a lil kid:) but isnt it nice to feel like a lil kid again xD.I write peom when am bored and i write story when i feel like it:) The most kind of subject i like my story or peom to be is Love!!:)<3 i think love is so cute when it fantasy or real it still cute:) im not looking for love right now i want to wait on it.Well am no different from other teens am just like each and everyone of you.Since am talking about teens and stuff am going to talk about my life.I feel like my life really getto.I do really!!! My family and I grew up in the getto.My family get in trouble once of twice but we try to be as normal as possible.Except am very different from them so please don't be frighten. Am very kind.OK now my personality very sweet but sometimes i get mad really easily. But i get sad really easliy, like if you tell me a really mean comment  i swear i will cry my head off. So i have a very ....can i say it on this website?? bi-polar feeling.Dont get me in trouble if were not supposed to say that because i didnt know that so just tell me and i will never do it again. Remeber am just telling you guys what goes on in my life that all.Sorry this is really not that big you guys that probably been on here forever probably can write a book on this lol xDDwell that it

bye -oreo